American Contractors Equipment Supply (ACES) was formed around our Core Principles of Integrity, Dedication and Customer Service. We strive daily to exceed our customers' expectations by following these principles. We approach each sale utilizing our knowledge and understanding of today’s markets and the unique challenges facing contractors. Rapidly rising costs and limited availability of new equipment has pushed attention towards used equipment options. With 40 years of direct experience at both the contractor and dealership settings, ACES’ operationally focused team has the experience and expertise to locate, identify, and supply only select grade equipment to meet the needs, expectations and budgets of our customers. Beyond the point of sale, ACES is dedicated to supplying the best resources available to keep your equipment on the job and generating revenue. We achieve this by providing industry leading customer service through; highly trained mobile field technicians, state of the art equipment and tooling, remote troubleshooting advise and parts identification and procurement options. ACES supports an ever growing and evolving website of available equipment, parts, and services to provide our customers with the latest equipment options, real time mobile service dispatching and accurate parts inventory with both OEM and 'will fit' options. Reach out to us and "Experience the Difference".

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Steve Carbeck, our President has almost 40 years of direct hands-on operational experience as a contractor in multiple vacuum truck related industries as well as upper-level operational management experience within a large dealer setting. This knowledge helps ACES guide our customers through the equipment buying process and provides piece of mind by setting accurate expectations in the purchasing process.

Another major portion of the ACES advantage is the on site operations and maintenance training package that is offered at each sale. We believe our customer relationships are truly partnerships. These partnerships start at the point of sale but are truly formed by the actions taken over the years through support, training, and advice - this is the foundation to our success. We invite you to join our team of partners at American Contractors Equipment Supply and experience the loyalty and personalized service we have to offer, and you deserve.

At American Contractors Equipment Supply we understand that purchasing used equipment can be stressful no matter what the size of the investment. By partnering with ACE Supply, you will receive piece of mind that you are buying quality equipment at a fair market value. Each unit is carefully inspected and researched to take the guess work out of the transaction.

We travel to each unit and perform an in-depth 360-degree evaluation and provide a detailed report to make your decision easier.

Included in the evaluations:

  • Ultrasonic thickness test of debris body/tank
  • Test water and hydraulic pumps for proper pressures
  • Vacuum restriction test
  • Function test of all operating systems
  • Detailed pictures and videos
  • Provide our expert opinions on overall condition