minCam360 Pan and Tilt

minCam360 Pan and Tilt

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200 ft. (60m) of 9.2mm fiberglass push cable (up to 300 ft.) Integrated tri-band 512Hz/640Hz/33kHz sonde. Electronic on-screen distance counter. 2 removable Lithium Ion batteries for 4 hours operation. Power Supply: 100 – 240V AC Lightweight stainless steel & carbon reel cage. Mechanical reel brake. Control unit: On/off switch, light regulation, sonde frequency control, Preset camera macros, BNC video out. Wireless remote control with joystick for pan & tilt, 4-step zoom control, light regulation, preset camera macros. Weight: 49 lbs.; Dimensions: 23” x 26” x 12” (L x H x W) Optional: external battery charger. The included accessory case includes the 6″ roller skid with the 8″ exchange rolls, a sunshield, spare SD cards, SD-to-USB adapter, and a carrying strap.


ModelMinCam 360 P&T
Stock Number1287