2015 Vactor 2100P

2015 Vactor 2100P

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2100 Plus PD, 18" Vacuum, 12 yrd Debris, Combo 1 2016P Additional Water, 1300 Gal Total (12 yrd) 1 5004PB 100 GPM/2000 PSI in lieu of 60 GPM/2000 - Does Not Include Rodder Hose 1 015STD Customer Supplied Chassis Modification Charge 1 010PSTD 48w x 22h x 24d Curbside Toolbox 1 011PSTD Aluminum Fenders 1 012PSTD Mud Flaps 1 014PSTD Electric/Hydraulic Four Way Boom 1 016PSTD Color Coded Sealed Electrical System 1 018PSTD Remote Pendant Control With 35' Cord 1 019PSTD Vansco Electronic Package 1 020PSTD Double Acting Hoist Cylinder 1 025PSTD Handgun Assembly w/35' x 1/2" Hose w/Quick Disconnects 1 026PSTD Ex-Ten Steel Cylindrical Debris Tank 1 030PSTD Flexible Hose Guide 1 032PSTD (3) Nozzles with Carbide Inserts w/Rack 1 045PSTD Suction Tube Storage - 4 Pipe 1 046PSTD 1" Nozzle Pipe 1 1001PSTD Flat Rear Door w/Hydraulic Locks 1 1005PSTD Dual Stainless Steel Float Shut Off System 1 1016PSTD SS Microstrainer Prior to Blower 1 1024PSTD Debris Body Vacuum Relief System 1 1031PSTD Debris Deflector Plate 1 1033PSTD 60" Dump Height 1 2022PSTD Additional Water Tank Sight Gauge 1 2023PSTD Liquid Float Level Indicator 1 5011PSTD 3"Y-Strainer @ Water Pump w/3" Drain Valve 1 5012PSTD Performance Package 1 5014PSTD 1"Water Relief Valve 1 5015PSTD Midship Handgun Coupling 1 5022PSTD Side Mounted Water Pump 1 6004PSTD Hose Wind Guide (Dual Roller), Manual 1 6005PASTD Additional Hose Footage Counter, Rear of Hose Reel Manual Hyd Extend/Retract 1 6009PSTD Hose Reel Chain Cover 1 6020PBSTD Hydraulic Extending 15", Rotating Hose Reel, 1" x 800' Capacity 1 7001PSTD Tachometer/Chassis Engine w/Hourmeter 1 7003PSTD Water Pump Hour Meter 1 7004PSTD PTO Hour Meter 1 7007PSTD Tachometer & Hourmeter/Blower 1 8000PSTD Circuit Breakers 1 8025PSTD LED Lights, Clearance, Back-up, Stop, Tail & Turn 1 9002PSTD Tow Hooks, Front 1 9002PSTD Tow Hooks, Rear 1 9003PSTD Electronic Back-Up Alarm 1 S390ASTD 8"Vacuum Pipe Package 1 S560STD Emergency Flare Kit 1 S590STD Fire Extinguisher 5 Lbs. 1 P110STD Module Paint, DuPont Imron Elite - Wet on Wet 1 1003P Debris Body Washout 1 1008P 6" Rear Door Knife Valve w/Camloc, 3:00 position 1 1008PB 6" Rear Door Drain Port w/Fixed Basket Screen, 6:00 position 1 1009PB Internal Body Screen with Pump Off Ports Only 1 1010PB Pump Off Ports and Programming 1 1014P Centrifugal Separators (Cyclones) 1 1015P Folding Pipe Rack, Curbside 1 1015PA Folding Pipe Rack, Streetside 1 1015PB Folding Pipe Rack, Rear Door 1 1022P Rear Door Splash Shield 1 1023P Lube Manifold 1 1023PA Plastic Lube Chart, included with Lube Manifold 1 1030P Debris Body Inspection Port w/Ladder 1 2001P Low Water Light w/Alarm and Water Pump Flow Indicator 1 2004P Continuous Water Tank Fill 1 2006P Air Purge 1 2011P 3" Y-Strainer at Passenger Side Fill, in lieu of 2", with 25' Fill 1 Hose Hot Shift Blower Drive 1 3017P Blower High Temp Safety Shutdown 1 4015P 180 deg. 10ft Telescoping Boom 1 4006P Front Joystick Boom Control 1 4010PSTD Boom Hose Storage, Post 1 4011PB Bellypack Wireless Controls, including hose reel controls 1 5008PC Cold Weather Recirculator, Transfercase Driven, 12 GPM 1 5010P Jet Rodder Water System Accumulator 1 5021P Hydro Excavation Kit/Retract Reel w/50' Hose and Nozzle 1 5024PC Water Heater, 800,000 BTU's - 12V (May limit Water Capacity) 1 6002PB 600' x 1" Piranha Sewer Hose 2500 PSI in lieu of STD 1 6004PB Hose Wind Guide (Dual Roller), Auto, Indexing 1 6005PD Digital Hose Footage Counter 1 6017P Hydraulic Tank Shutoff Valves 1 8001PE Rear Directional Control, Split LED Arrow Traffic Controller, 10 1 Lights 8002P Hand Light w/Bumper Plug 1 8008P Brackets and Wiring for Customer Installed Stobe/Revolving Light, Rear 1 8028P Worklights (2), LED, Telescoping Boom 1 8029PC Worklight, LED, Curb Side 1 8029PD Worklight, LED, Street Side 1 9070PA Toolbox, Front Bumper Mounted, 16 x 12 x 18 w/(2) LED Side Markers 1 9071PF Toolbox, Behind Cab 1 9072PB Toolbox, Driver Side Chassis Frame, 24w x 24h x 24d 1 9074PA Toolbox, Driver Side Subframe, 18w x 24h x 24d 1 P124 Vactor 2100 Plus Body Decal, Multi-Colored 1 LOGO-APPL. Vactor/Guzzler Logos - Applied 1 500655B-30 Vactor Standard Manual and USB Version - 1 + Dealer


Stock Number1284
Chassis Miles58613
Engine Hours7534
Blower Hours1100
Debris Body TypeHydraulic Hoist
Debris Body Capacity / Cubic Yards12
Burner BTU400000
Boom TypeTelescopic
Engine MakeCummins
Engine ModelISX15
Transmission10 speed
Water Capacity1500 gal
Electrical SystemWireless belly pack
Boom8 in
Water Pump100 GPM
Blower Size/Type18” Roots 824
Cold Weather PackageRecirc system and air purge