3200 USG Stainless Steel DOT Liquid Vacuum Truck

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3200 US Gallon Vacuum Unit, DOT 407/412, Stainless Steel Tank, Fenders and Walkways. Presvac PV-750 Vacuum Pump. Full Opening Rear Door with Hydraulic Hoist. Tank capacity - 3200 U.S. gallons plus 3% outage for expansion Head material - 5/16” stainless steel 316 Shell material - 1/4” stainless steel 316 Tank diameter - 72” OD Overall tank length - 16’-6” Reinforcing - External exposed rings, stainless steel 304 Design pressure (internal) - 25 p.s.i. Design pressure (external) - 15 p.s.i. (full vacuum) Hydrostatic test pressure - 37.5 p.s.i. Maximum allowable working - 25 p.s.i. pressure Operating temperature - -20˚F to 200˚F Overturn protection - Front, centre and rear, three (3) leg support and pads Pressure relief vent - Betts 4” stainless steel 316, 25 p.s.i. (407 / 412) Primary shut off - 10” quick opening hatch with 9” stainless steel floatball seating against a neoprene seat, ball and seat inspection and service is external, stainless steel 316 Isolation valve - 3” air operated butterfly valve between primary shut off and secondary shut off, stainless steel 316 Secondary shut off - Heavy duty external moisture trap with 5” stainless steel floatball, seating against a neoprene seat, 2” quick action drain valve and hose, moisture trap capacity 28 gallons, stainless steel 316 Vacuum lines - Continuously grounded, wire reinforced, neoprene vacuum / pressure hose, looped to rear, no disconnecting required when dumping, piping stainless steel Vacuum pressure gauge - Two (2) 4” glycerine filled, anti shock Liquid level indicator - External arrow rotary float gauge with 9” stainless steel floatball, teflon packing and teflon seals, stainless steel 316, driverside front shell Baffle - One (1) half baffle, upper section of tank, welded to reinforcing pads, stainless steel 316 Top manway - One (1) 20” diameter manway with neoprene gasket, design pressure 50 p.s.i., stainless steel 316 Sampling port - 3” quick coupling and pressure relief valve Spilldam - Around 20” manway with drain hoses, stainless steel 316 Walkway - Anti skid gripstrut material on passenger side Osha type enclosure - Around gripstrut walkway Grabrail - Tank top Ladder - To top manway - anti skid material Hoist - Front mounted hydraulic hoist, 20 tons capacity - Heavy duty hinges, grease fittings - Hoist safety prop, full length subframe Rear door - Full opening rear door, hydraulic operated, dual All wetted parts stainless steel 316 cylinders, heavy duty wingbolt closures, door safety prop Vibrator - Hydraulic, mounted on heavy duty mounting channel and heavy duty tank mounting pad. Pressure relief valve and variable speed control. Hose trays / fenders - Full length Painted Stainless Steel combination hose trays and fenders on each side of tank, stay in down position when tank body is raised, anti sail mudflaps, light protection caps, drain valves in each front hose tray Toolbox - One (1) 36” x 18” x 18” aluminum Suction valve - One (1) 4” air operated self closing Betts SS valve complete with coupling and drip cap, stainless steel 316, 4” manual SS valve Internal riser pipe - 4” with deflector / wear plate, stainless steel 316 Discharge valve - One (1) 6” air operated self closing Betts SS valve complete with coupling and drip cap, stainless steel 316, 6” manual SS valve Bumper - Heavy duty (407 / 412) for valve and underride protection - Anti skid steps to rear door locks Hose hooks - Two (2) on rear head, stainless with rub rails Placards - Four (4) multi purpose Fire extinguisher - One (1) dry chemical type for hydro carbons Anti static ground - One (1) static ground cable, 25’ with clamp Lights-L.E.D. - Vapour proof lights, all wiring in conduit, “Truck “Lites, 3 lamp rear modules, junction box, 3 in row clearance lights, clearance lights and reflectors Worklights-L.E.D. - Two (2) spotlights with control switch in cab Amber beacon - Rear of tank top Back up alarm - Audible Vacuum pump - Presvac PV750, 410 CFM, 27” Hg maximum vacuum, 25 psi maximum pressure. Four way valve for vacuum and pressure. Check valve and oil catch muffler, screen cartridge, oil catch muffler with drain valve, SS Kamlock coupling for exhaust hose adaptor Pump drive - hydraulic - Air engaged heavy duty p.t.o. with hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor coupled to vacuum pump. Hydraulic oil reservoir complete with inlet and outlet filters, oil pressure gauge, level gauge, pressure relief valve, oil flow diffuser - Valve bank to operate: vacuum pump, hoist and door Hydraulic oil cooler / heat exchanger Installation - Complete unit on truck chassis by Presvac Finish – Polished - Tank polished - All mild steel sandblasted, two (2) coats of primer, two (2) coats of finish paint, Dupont Centari - acrylic urethane enamel, one (1) colour (customer’s choice) - Painting on the cab & chassis is not included in this quote


ManufacturerPresvac Systems
Model3200 DOT Liquid Vac
Stock Number51