2025 Diamond Eco D.O.T. 412 Vessel NVE Vein pump

2025 Diamond Eco D.O.T. 412 Vessel NVE Vein pump

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CODE: D.O.T. 412 Vessel will be constructed and certified in conformance with the ASME Boiler

and Pressure Vessel Code (Section VIII, Division1).

QUANTITY: (1) One, Full-tilt/Full-open


HEAD MATERIAL: 5/16” Carbon Steel SA-516-70

SHELL MATERIAL: 5/16" Carbon Steel SA-36


DESIGN PRESSURE: (internal) 25 p.s.i.

DESIGN PRESSURE: (external) 15 p.s.i. (full vacuum)


MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE WORKING PRESSURE: (MAWP) 25 p.s.i. (limited by design)


REINFORCEMENT RINGS: 1⁄2” Flat bar, external reinforcement rings

OVERTURN PROTECTION: Overturn protection with reinforcement pads

PRESSURE RELIEF VENT: 3” Stainless Steel, 25 p.s.i. (412)

PRIMARY SHUT OFF: 4” stainless steel primary with 6” stainless steel float ball seating against a

neoprene seat

ISOLATION VALVE: 4” air operated butterfly valve between primary shut off and secondary

shut off

VACUUM GAUGE: Two (2) 30/30 Vacuum/Pressure gauges, One install near controls, One

install on rear head.

LIQUID LEVEL INDICATOR: External arrow rotary float gauge with 8” stainless steel float ball,

telfon packing and teflon seat, equipped with grease fitting.

TOP MANWAY: One (1) 20” diameter stainless steel manway with neoprene gasket

SUCTION VALVE: One (1) 4" air operated self-closing NVE valve coupling & drip cap

INTERNAL RISER PIPE: 4” with deflector wear plate

DISCHARGE VALVE: One (1) 6” air operated self-closing NVE valve coupling & drip cap

VACUUM PUMP: NVE Challenger 887, vacuum pressure pump, air cooled, 530 cfm free air

rating 28” HG maximum vacuum, hydraulic driven, FRAME MOUNTED

HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS: Hydraulic hoses, 80 gallons hydraulic reservoir, with hydraulic

cooler, suction strainer, fill cap, oil filters, sight glass, 3 spool

valve bank for pump, door, & hoist

HOIST: 3 stage-20 tons’ capacity, heavy-duty hinges, & grease fittings

VIBRATOR: Hydraulic Vibrator assembly mounted on the bottom of tank with reinforcing pad,

heavy duty mounting channel and pressure relief valve

HOIST SAFETY PROP: Manual engaging tank safety prop

VACUUM LINES: 4” wire reinforced, continuously grounded, neoprene vacuum / pressure


REAR DOOR: Full opening rear door, hydraulic operated, heavy duty wing bolt closures

DOOR SAFETY PROP: Manual engaging back-door safety prop

PUMP MUFFLER: Oil catch muffler with drain valve, camlock coupling for exhaust hose adapter

HOSE HOOKS: Two (2) Hose hooks mounted on rear door

WALKWAY: Nine-foot anti-skid grip-strut with handrail and fold down ladder

HOSE TRAYS/FENDERS: Full length combination hose trays and fenders one on each side of

tank to be painted black carbon steel

BUMPER: D.O.T. Heavy duty bumper for under ride protection

PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE: 2” brass pressure valve set at 14 PSI

VACUUM RELIEF VALVE: 11/2” brass vacuum valve set at 23 in. PLACARDS: Four (4) multi-


PLACARDS: Four (4) multi-purpose

FIRE EXTINGUISHER: One (1) dry chemical type for hydrocarbons

BACK-UP ALARM: Audible type

TOOLBOX: 18" x 18" x 36” Steel under bed toolbox, painted black

GROUNDING SYSTEM: Newson Gale Grounding System configured to isolate the tank when not

properly grounded while PTO is engaged.

PAINT: The entire exterior of tank and body of vacuum system shall be sandblasted and primed

two coats of primer and painted with two coats of white acrylic urethane paint


ManufacturerDiamond Eco
ModelD.O.T. 412 Vessel
Stock Number1390
Engine Hours0
Blower Hours0
Debris Body Capacity (Cubic Yards)75 Barrel 3150 Gallons
Debris Body TypeHydraulic Hoist
Chassis MakePeterbilt
Chassis Model348
Engine MakeCummins
TransmissionAllision Auto